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R2T2 Laboratories Inc. was formed by a team of doctors and seasoned business executives.  Our mission is to facilitate Rapid Recovery from musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, foster Injury Prevention, and help competitors and everyday people of all ages achieve Peak Performance in all physical activities, whether walking around the block or competing in a championship competition.  We rely on proven medical research to create new and better treatments, leveraging cutting edge technology for our products.

Dr_Riley_J_Williams_III_ Our visionary Chairman and Chief Medical Officer is Dr. Riley J. Williams, III, renowned orthopedic surgeon, cartilage and soft tissue expert, professor of medicine, veteran pro and college sports team doctor, devoted husband, former marathoner, and competitive biker, runner, triathlete, and crossfit aficionado.

Riley’s goal is to help active people stay active and heal faster so they can get back in the game quicker or simply enjoy the active lifestyle they desire. See Dr. Riley Williams bio.

R2T2’s Chief Executive Officer is Taran Swan, a star leader/manager whose talented business execution skills were chronicled in a Harvard Business School case study before she reached age 40.  Taran’s expertise is helping everyone juggle balls without dropping them.  She launched many new business enterprises as an executive at large conglomerates and formed two small businesses on her own before helping launch R2T2. See Taran Swan bio.

Dr. Tanya Williams, a pediatrician with an exercise physiology background, is the Company’s Chief Administrative Officer and Secretary-Treasurer.  She leads our administrative and operational efforts while spearheading R2T2’s research collaborations with other physicians, trainers, physical therapists, and athletes. See Dr. Tanya Williams bio.

Bonnie Carter, a former consultant with significant executive management experience who hails from Spelman College and Harvard Business School, is the Company’s Head of Distribution and Sales.  Bonnie leads the Company’s efforts engaging institutional customers such as physicians, physical therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, and athletic trainers.  Bonnie forges partnerships with distributors and affiliates who help the Company get products into our customers’ hands.  Bonnie seeks to craft deep and long-lasting relationships with our partners.  See Bonnie Carter bio.

Rounding out the official team is the father of all Chief Marketing Officers, John Parikhal.  John is an international media strategist and researcher, having provided marketing and strategy advice to over 500 clients.  John’s “cool” credentials go back to the founding of MTV and re-invention of VH1, when he was hanging around that hoop as a strategist to MTV Networks executives. See John Parikhal bio.

R2T2’s unofficial team includes scores of trainers, doctors, athletes, designers, and manufacturers who helped us develop, create, and improve the Therma1™ experience.

R2T2 is focused on creating easy, convenient, and effective products to help you recover faster, prevent injuries, and achieve your peak level of performance.


Our Guarantee

If for any reason you're not happy with your Therma1™ within 30 days of purchase, we'll give you your money back.

Therma1™ Benefits

Recover faster. Prevent Injuries. Achieve Peak Performance. Here’s how Therma1™ helps you.

How to Use Therma1™

Here’s all you need to know about how to use Therma1™ products plus tips on treatments.

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