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The Best Therapy For Muscle Pain

By Dr. Riley Williams with contribution from Evan Schwartz .
Muscle Pain

There’s no instant cure for muscle pain. But there is a secret weapon.

The secret weapon is combining heat and ice with massage and compression. Simple in theory, but in practice – not so much.

When you strain or sprain a muscle, recovery can seem like a waiting game.It can take days or weeks for you to feel one hundred percent again, and the accompanying pain can make the waiting even worse.

When it comes to methods of recovery, oftentimes you take your best shot and hope you start to feel better.

You may strain to massage yourself, swap out ice and heat packs and find yourself in even more pain. You might massage your injured leg or shoulder, and do even more damage to your wrists and forearms.

Thankfully, there’s a new product scientifically designed to take the guesswork out of muscle pain therapy – Therma1.

Therma1 combines a thermal hot and cold core to provide you with ice and heat relief. It delivers compression to speed recovery, and massage to alleviate pain and help your body repair itself. Therma1 is your muscle pain therapy secret weapon, all in one elegant package.

Check out the video to see Therma1 in action.

Therma1 is easy to use for muscle pain therapy, and doubles as an effective injury prevention tool.

This way, you might knock out your pain and help yourself stay healthy in the future.

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