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How Compression Helps Muscle Treatment

By Dr. Riley Williams with contribution from Evan Schwartz .

Have you ever rolled an ankle and then tied your sneakers extra tight around the ankle? Or sprained a ligament, and grabbed your arm to squeeze?

Then you know the power of compression.

Compression is why yoga pants are tight, why pro athletes wear compression shorts around their thighs, and why an elastic bandage can dull the pain in a sprained ankle. Compression helps reduce swelling in injuries, which means less pain and faster muscle treatment.

By compressing an injury, you restrict blood flow to the area.

By compressing an injury, you restrict blood flow to the area.

Your body’s natural response to an injury is to rush inflammatory agents to the injured area, which makes it swell and can cause even more pain.

This happens when you roll your ankle. You need some blood flow to the area so that you can heal but too much makes your ankle stiff, painful, and difficult to use.

Compression restricts blood flow so that you can heal with less unnecessary pain.

If you’ve got any kind of muscle injury, you need compression as part of your recovery routine. Compression is one of four key recovery tools known as RICE: Rest, Ice (or ‘cold’), Compression, and Elevation.

Maybe you’ve heard a doctor or a trainer tell you: “Stay off it for a while, and keep it elevated.” That means you shouldn’t walk around on a bum ankle and you should make sure you rest your foot on a pillow. And you’ve certainly used cold therapy before on an injury, in the form of a cold pack.

But it’s not always easy to get compression with ice packs because they just ‘lay there’. The easy way to apply compression is to use Therma1™.

Therma1™ combines cold and heat therapy with massage and compression. Its innovative design means you can compress an injury using the unique cold therapy roller. This leads to less swelling, less pain, and faster recovery.

With Therma1™, you can add a powerful recovery tool to your muscle treatment: Compression.

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