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Get a Spring Training Muscle Warm Up

By Dr. Riley Williams with contribution from Evan Schwartz .

Spring is in the air, which means two things are fast approaching… baseball season and bikini season.

So, even if you’re not a major leaguer, it might be time to shed all that winter weight you put on hibernating on your sofa and watching TV during the cold winter months.

Baseball or softball can be a great way to have fun and get in shape.

It is very likely that you are rusty from a winter of inactivity; perhaps you haven’t picked up a glove since Little League. Therma1™ can help you stay injury-free and unleash your peak performance.

Maybe your office softball team is gearing up for a new season and you want to impress the boss by adding some high intensity sprints to your workout regime so you round the bases like Mike Trout.

Therma1™ can help you stay injury-free and unleash your peak performance.

Some sports involve consistent physical effort, but baseball involves lots of standing around interrupted by brief, intense, and explosive bursts of activity. The batter makes contact, and then charges full speed down the first base line. The outfielder breaks into a sprint to track down a fly ball.

Going from a standstill to a dead run can be devastating to hamstrings and quadriceps if you haven’t prepared properly. Even if you and your softball team do stretches before a game, it’s likely that by the fifth inning your muscles are tight and cold.

That’s why it is so important to keep the muscles warm and pliable. Sitting on the bench and then breaking toward first base can be devastating to your lower body. You want your muscles to be ready to go when you need them.

The other trouble areas in baseball are arms. Major leaguers deal with catastrophic arm injuries all the time due to overuse – the human body simply was not made to throw a baseball 90 miles per hour. Even if you can’t throw quite that hard, that doesn’t mean that the impact on your shoulders, elbows, and wrists can’t lead to injury.

So how do you prevent injury when you pick up a ball and bat?

From big league to beer league, it is still important to warm up and stretch your arms out, and to do so gradually.

1. Start with a light jog, which will warm the entire body.

2. After your jog, do a few light arm and shoulder stretches, like pulling your arm across your chest and holding. Don’t go crazy – improper stretching or overstretching can lead to injury.

3. Once you’ve stretched a bit, grab a partner with a glove and start to soft toss from a close distance. Work your way up to longer throws, and make sure to keep your arm loose and natural.

4. Once you can throw a long distance with little effort, make sure to stretch a bit more before game time.

Once you’ve gone through your stretching, you might want to use Therma1™ as a tool for staying warm pregame, post-game, and on the bench. The heat and massage will help you loosen shoulders and elbows before the game. The massage and compression will keep legs loose and ready for quick sprints while you sit on the bench.

After the game, Therma1™’s cold, massage, and compression will help to reduce painful swelling in your joints, speeding your recovery.

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