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Maximize Your Cold Treatment To Freeze Out Pain

By Dr. Riley Williams with contribution from Evan Schwartz .

Cold treatment sounds simple, right? Hurt yourself, add cold, feel better. But, for the best results, it’s important to understand how and when to use it.

Muscle injuries account for more than half of all athletic injuries, and when you think muscle pain, you think cold treatment. It’s important to understand why cold treatment works, and when it’s best to ‘chill’ your injuries.

It’s important to understand why cold treatment works, and when it’s best to ‘chill’ your injuries.

Cold Puts Out The Fire

Lowering the temperature of your muscle tissue is a great way to speed the healing process. Although your body has a great system for healing injured tissue, the side effects of this ‘healing’ can include more pain initially.

That’s because the body’s normal inflammatory response to injury in the affected area causes pain and swelling and that’s why shortening this “normal” response helps speed recovery time. ‘Cold’ treatment calms down this inflammation, so the sooner you slap cold on your injury the better.

Numb It Down

Cold treatment is also a very simple painkiller. By numbing nerve endings near the injury, your brain won’t process pain as intensely as it would if you ditched the cold pack and tried to keep going and grind it out. Plus you can apply it directly to the affected area, getting immediate results, instead of waiting for a painkiller to turn off those nerve endings.

Not So Swell

Cold treatment also takes down painful swelling. And, that’s important. Because, in addition to causing pain, muscle and joint swelling can impair movement and slow down your healing process.

Works Every Time

Cold treatment isn’t just for activity-based injuries. If you’ve had surgery of any kind, localized cold treatment can be just as good as prescription painkillers and will probably help you get back on your feet faster than room temperature rehabilitation.

Mix and Match

Beef up your cold treatment by adding compression. Compression helps to decrease soft tissue and joint swelling. Muscle inflammation often results in the collection of fluids outside of the normal blood vessel system.  Compression helps to push these fluids back into normal circulation and decrease swelling.

Massage Therapy

Cold and massage is a vital combination – it prevents Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, which is exactly what it sounds like. Sometimes pain the day after an injury is even worse, but combining massage with cold helps prevent or reduce that next day pain. Massage helps the body to remove injured tissue debris and decrease local fluid collections. This helps to decrease swelling and promote quicker healing. 

There’s a reason why you see professional athletes wrapped up like mummies after a game and covered in ice – it works. Even if you aren’t spending 48 minutes running up and down a basketball court, cold treatment is like getting a professional recovery, regardless of your level of activity.

And it’s even easier to recover like a professional with the innovative Therma1 device. The Therma1 roller makes cold treatment easier than ever and accelerates your healing by adding compression and massage to your cold treatment. The Therma1 is the only recovery tool on the market with a thermal hot and cold core for the most effective cold and heat treatment possible.

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