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How A Nagging Injury Can Ruin Your Run

By Dr. Riley Williams with contribution from Evan Schwartz .

Your body has evolved into a lean, mean running machine over millions of years of evolution and countless hours around the track. And one little blister can screw it all up.

Think of your body as a finely tuned engine: efficient, but susceptible to the tiniest problems. A worn-out shoe, an ill-placed rock, or that timeless annoyance – a blister.

How is it that something that seems so innocuous—a bit of irritation on your foot—can have implications that multiply like ripples in a pond after you toss in a pebble. That tiny blister is not only annoying, but it escalate into bigger problems if it impacts your gait in any way. Once you start overcompensating for the pain in your foot it can lead to other injuries.

You should never ignore a nagging pain.

This concept of changing gait applies to many types of injuries. A sore toe can change the way your foot strikes the pavement. A rolled ankle can eventually turn into a knee injury. And a knee injury can throw out your back, which can cause problems with your neck, which can keep you on the sidelines for weeks.

The problem with overcompensating and changing gait due to injury is the resulting lack of balance. When your body, or running gait, is out of balance, it can lay the groundwork for more, potentially worse injuries than the one that caused your initial overcompensation.

You should never ignore a nagging pain or seemingly “minor” injury, because its impact can be far-ranging. That’s why recovery is so important to your continued health, and that’s why you need a recovery tool like Therma1.

Handled carefully, a blister is easy to deal with: keep it clean, wrap it with tape, and let it heal. But other minor injuries are not so simple, and that’s where Therma1 works best. A knee strain or foot injury is not something to simply ignore and hope for the best.

A foot sprain shouldn’t be ignored – in fact, you should apply temperature treatment and compression at least four times a day and as many as eight times a day. Ignoring a foot sprain can lead to a knee strain and more pain.

So, don’t get lulled into complacency with so called “minor” injuries. Recover like a pro with Therma1, your best tool to help keep a “minor” injury from becoming something worse.

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