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Professional Style: Fast Recovery From Muscle Strain

By Dr. Riley Williams with contribution from Evan Schwartz .
Muscle Recovery

Pro athletes are always looking for a recovery edge. They want fast recovery from muscle strains, sprains, and other sports injuries so they can get back in the game and compete.

So, what do the pros do to recover faster than the rest of us?

Well, the ice bath is standard procedure for post-game recovery.  Others rely on pre-game and post-game massages.  Some pro athletes get taped up before the game to help prevent hyperextensions or twisted ankles, and after games for proper compression to prevent swelling. Many use heat therapy, saunas, and Jacuzzis to help deal with older injuries.

Pros make sure they get cold, heat, compression, and massage for their injuries.

Pros make sure they get cold, heat, compression, and massage for their injuries.

But maybe you can’t fit a new Jacuzzi in your house, or can’t afford a daily massage, or hate ice baths (Serena Williams says “they’re torture!”). You can still experience the four treatments pro athletes use for fast recovery from muscle strain without a  pro contract – just try Therma1™.

Your body is an efficient healing machine and Therma1™ can maximize your body’s natural healing powers to speed up recovery. By combining heat, cold, compression, and massage, Therma1™ gives your body the tools it needs to heal and repair faster than before.

Therma1™’s innovative design provides Dynamic Heat and Cold Therapy, which is much more powerful than simply applying a cold or heat pack to an injury. Therma1™ allows you to massage and compress an injury with a thermal boost, which means cold and heat can penetrate deep into your body and speed healing.

Therma1™ can also help you warm up like a pro athlete. If you’ve ever shown up early to a baseball or basketball game, you know that athletes take warm up seriously. You may see them shooting jumpers or running sprints on the court, but you don’t see the long and careful warm-up preparation that happens before they even leave the locker room.

The Therma1™ is the perfect warm up tool – use the heat and massage functions to loosen your muscles and help prevent sports injuries. Combined with proper stretching, Therma1™ proves your best defense against injury is a good offense.

Therma1™ can speed your return to the gym. Maybe you don’t have a big competition or a championship game coming up, but staying injury free means reaching your workout goals pain-free.

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