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How to Recover From A Knee Ligament Sprain

By Dr. Riley Williams with contribution from Evan Schwartz .

Knees are a little like traffic lights – you never realize how much you need them until they stop working.

Knees are complicated, and no wonder: the knee is the largest joint in the human body!  In technical terms, “the knee joins the thigh with the leg with two articulations: one between the femur and tibia, and one between the femur and patella.  The whole kit and caboodle is held in place by a veritable plethora of ligaments and supported by an assortment of muscles, most importantly the quadriceps and hamstring muscles.

When you take a misstep or hyperextend during a jog or pickup basketball game, you may experience mild to severe pain in your knee.  That pain may stem from one of the four ligaments that provide stability and mobility, connecting your thigh bone to your lower leg bones. If you’re a sports fan, you can probably name them by heart: the ACL, MCL, PCL, and LCL.

A knee ligament strain can  knock out weekend warriors, joggers, and yoga fans.

Strains and tears of those four ligaments have ended football, baseball, or soccer seasons for decades. And, a knee ligament strain or sprain can also knock out weekend warriors, joggers, or yoga fans too.

Ligament strains need cold therapy, along with compression and massage. Therma1′s innovative cold roller/stick design means you can treat a knee ligament sprain with professional effectiveness, and decrease your recovery time.

Make sure to repeat your therapy multiple times per day – at least four times, and up to eight, until your pain subsides. Rest to allow your body to recover, and continue to use Therma1 to warm up your knees before physical activity.

Therma1 can help you recover from a knee ligament sprain in record time, and help prevent further knee injuries in the future. You need your knees, so try Therma1 the next time you suffer a mild knee injury.

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