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How To Stomp Out Knee And Leg Muscle Pain

By Dr. Riley Williams with contribution from Evan Schwartz .

If you suffer from knee or leg pain, each step can feel like agony.

Obviously, your knees and legs bear the brunt of the load when you walk, so when they hurt, it makes even the thought of walking painful.  Unfortunately, if the mental and physical pain from aching legs and knees keeps you from walking, you’ll pay the price. Repeated studies have shown that mobility is the Fountain of Youth.  If you can’t walk or run, chances are you’ll shorten your lifespan. For those of you who find that outcome unacceptable, we’ve got news for you: Therma1 can help.

Therma1 combines heat, cold, massage, and compression, four natural healing modalities that can relieve pain and get you moving again.

Here’s how Therma1 can help you stomp out knee and leg muscle pain so you can get back on the right track.

Therma1 is like a personal spa

1) Knead Your Knees to Warm Up

Imaginary Rorschach test: when you think of the word “Spa,” it may conjure the feeling a warm, soothing massage.  Therma1 is like a personal spa. Rolling your knees and legs with a warm Therma1 roller will bring soothing pain relief that can make you feel better and get ready to hit the road for a walk or run.  Knees respond well to heat, compression, massage, and gentle stretching as a warm up.

Think of your knees like shock absorbers on a car: they absorb most of the impact from every step you take. But unlike mechanical shock absorbers, your knees need to be primed for performance.  Introducing heat, compression, massage, and gentle stretching will warm your knees and get the synovial fluids going.  Synovial fluid lubricates joints and primes them for mobility and shock absorption.

2) Take a Walk (or Jog)

After the soothing Therma1 warm roller massage and gentle stretching, start moving.  Sometimes the best long-term strategy to combat pain and stiffness in your legs and knees is a continuous workout plan.  Start at a relaxing pace and pick it up as you increase blood flow in your legs and further loosen up. Mobility is a miracle drug: it combats stiffness and extends life span.

3) Cool Down

Cold therapy, compression, and massage are scientifically proven to help your body recover faster by reducing inflammation that causes pain, stiffness, and DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).  Therma1 delivers all three recovery accelerators in a simple, single device.  Use your Therma1 cold roller on your knees and leg muscles.  The benefit of the Therma1 cold roller is that the combination of cold, compression, and massage is more effective than using cold, compression, or massage separately.

In other words, rather than simply taping an ice bag to your knee, Therma1 makes it easy to recover faster by rolling dynamic cold therapy to the entire area around your knee.

With Therma1 in your tool kit, you can fix knee and leg muscle pain. Use Therma1 at least daily to keep your knees and legs at peak performance.

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