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Why Therma1 Is The Best Cold Pack For Leg Muscle Pain

By Dr. Riley Williams with contribution from Evan Schwartz .

Want to make a runner cringe? Mention shin splints.

Runners know the “hot knives” feeling that comes from sustained lower leg impacts. It can screw up a short jog or a marathon and make every step feel like a lightning bolt of agony.

Even worse – shin pain can lead to a hitch in your step, which can lead to calf pain, quadriceps pain, or hamstring pain.

The key to repairing all these injuries is cold and heat therapy. But only one device can heal each part of your leg with efficiency and speed: Therma1. Here’s how to use Therma1 as the better cold pack for your leg.


An ice pack just isn’t enough for such a long and sensitive part of your leg. Therma1’s dynamic therapy combines cold, compression, and massage treatments.  Each of these treatments by themselves help shin and muscle pain, but when combined they enhance pain relief and accelerate healing and recovery.  If you are out of the acute stage of shin splints or other muscle and joint injury, Therma1’s dynamic therapy using heat, compression and massage facilitates effective warm up and helps prevent injury in the first place.


The calf is so dense that a simple heating pad simply just isn’t enough. Therma1’s compression allows heat to penetrate deep into your calf, ensuring fast pain relief and putting your calf on the road to faster healing.


Hamstring and quad injuries often require both heat and cold therapy, which are enhanced with moderate compression and massage.—dynamic therapy.  Therma1 can provide all four, which means these large and muscle groups that carry the brunt of your mobility load can get the care they need, and you can get back to running.

Help prevent injuries to ensure that you can get a great run in whenever you want, with less fear of leg pain. Don’t “tough out” shin splints: stop the pain with Therma1 as your better cold pack.

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