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How To Work Out A Thigh Injury

By Dr. Riley Williams with contribution from Evan Schwartz .

Trainers will tell you: Don’t skip leg day! If you have thigh pain, every day is leg day.

Thighs help pitchers generate velocity, they help basketball players dunk, and they help runners get out of the blocks. Strong healthy thighs form the foundation of athletic performance.

Your thighs is made up of your femur, which is the biggest bone in your body, and two massive muscles: your hamstrings and your quadriceps. Running down the outside of your thigh is your Illiotibial band, the connective tissue that links your glutes to your tibia.

Remember your trainer’s words: don’t skip leg day! Even if you are immobilized or in pain due to a pulled hammy or a strained quad, there are still things you can do with your legs. In fact, depending on the circumstances, working your way through the pain of a thigh injury can help speed recovery.

Any low-impact aerobic exercise will increase blood flow and help your body repair injured muscle tissue in your thighs. After a quad or hamstring injury, don’t marry yourself to the couch and wait for the pain to go away. Unless your doctor says otherwise, get out and walk – start slow on flat terrain, and gradually increase distance before tackling slopes or hills. This gradual buildup will keep your body moving and help you maintain strength while your thigh muscles heal.

For added resistance, take your walking underwater. Pool therapy is terrific for building strength, and the water will lessen the impact on joints in your lower body. Once your hamstrings or quads feel better, graduate to a stationary bike, then  light jogging. Don’t push too hard too fast – quad and hammy injuries are notoriously slow to heal, and the risk of re-injury increases if you go straight to sprinting or leg presses.

Leg day is key for any athlete, and especially for an athlete in pain. Treat thigh injuries with care, warm up properly, work them out, and you will be back at full strength in no time.

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