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Peak Performance


Quick Take for Peak Performance:

You achieve Peak Performance if…

  • You push your body to its limits
  • You train harder and smarter
  • You use a training protocol
  • You help your body “recover” quickly
  • You prevent injuries
  • You use Therma1™
Therma1™ Peak Performance Peak Performance starts by getting the most from your body, by pushing it to the limits of your physical capability.This means training to the maximum, training harder and smarter - by moving to progressively heavier loads and intensity.This kind of training requires a “training protocol” – a carefully crafted, consistent regimen - which includes increased training and activity loads.

These increases might come in the form of lifting heavier weights or doing more reps; running faster intervals with shorter rest periods;ramping up squats, lunges, and deadlifts for jump training; swinging the tennis racket more often; or doing more jump shots.

Let Your Body Recover

The downside of progressively heavier loads and intensity is that this type of training places more wear and tear on muscles and joints.

If you want to train to your maximum physical limit, you have to allow your body to recover between bouts of intensive training so your body can repair itself and build muscle before you return to your training protocol, which will involve even heavier loads and intensity.

Let your body “recover” between bouts of intensive training

The quicker you recover, the faster you get back to training and the faster you get to peak performance.

That’s why so many athletes use 4 of the most popular and effective therapies to speed recovery. They are: cold, heat, massage, and compression.

Some athletes, like Michael Jordan, use ice cold baths to speed recovery.  Others add massage before and after activity. Many use compression and hot and cold (thermal) therapy. Most elite athletes use all 4 of these scientifically-proven therapies.

Therma1™ contains all 4 therapies in one easy-to-use handle with three specialized rollers.

And Therma1™ helps speed recovery by reducing inflammation (using cold, massage, compression), increasing muscle compliance (with heat), removing toxins (applying heat, massage, compression), and increasing blood flow (with heat, massage, compression).

Avoid Injuries

But, rapid recovery is only one part of achieving peak performance. It’s also important to avoid injury in the first place.

If you are injured, you can’t train, your activity load drops, and peak performance seems even further away.

You can prevent injuries if you warm up properly with heat, massage, compression, and light stretching before exercise and cool down muscles and joints after exercise to reduce inflammation.

Therma1™ can help you maintain a consistent training protocol

Therma1™ and Peak Performance

By preventing injuries and speeding recovery, you can maintain a consistent training protocol with progressively heavier loads.

This consistent high intensity training gets you to the limits of your physical capability, which is where you will experience peak performance.

And, that’s why noted sports doctor and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Riley Williams, invented Therma1™: to help you reach Peak Performance.

He knew that the best way to help was to make it easier and more convenient to warm up, cool down, and treat injuries.

So, Dr. Williams worked with top orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers and physical therapists, to create Therma1™’s sturdy frame, ergonomic handle, and unique contoured roller that can be heated in a microwave or cooled in a freezer.

Therma1™ is designed to deliver cold or heat along with deep, penetrating compression and massage. A true 4-in-one.

Convenient and easy-to-use, Therma1™ is very effective to help you reach Peak Performance.

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