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Prevent Injuries


Quick Take For Injury Prevention:

Injuries are fewer and you get better faster if…

  • You warm up before you’re active
  • You use heat to improve muscle elasticity
  • You use cold therapy after activity
  • You use massage at the right time
  • You use compression to help the cold and heat penetrate deeper into the muscles and joints
  • Your warm up method is easy and effective
  • You use Therma1™
 Using Therma1™ for Injury Prevention

Warm Up Properly

Athletes and trainers agree that a proper warm up before you get active can prevent injuries because it helps improve blood flow to your muscles, increases flexibility and releases tension – making it less likely that you are injured. But, a warm up doesn’t mean stretching cold muscles. You have to get them warm first.

Scientific studies say using heat for warm up increases your resistance to biomechanical load.  In plain English, that means you perform the same athletic or physical activity better when your muscles and joints are warm.

Heat stimulates blood flow, so applying heat to an area of your body that is stiff or sore–as long as it has no acute swelling or inflammation – can help improve elasticity in the muscle and connective tissues of the joint, making movement easier and reducing the likelihood of injury.

And, heat penetrates deeper into the muscles and joints if you use “compression” and press down.


a proper warm up before you get active can prevent injuries.

Therma1™ lets you apply the necessary compression to help its heated roller penetrate deeper for a better warm up.

Cool Down Properly

You can help prevent injuries after activity by applying cold, compression, and,especially massage to help your muscles recover as rapidly as possible.

Research at McMaster University shows that massage helps reduce inflammation and aids muscle recovery after exercise. Massage also helps release tension in the muscle reducing the likelihood of strains and tears.

It has been shown that cold therapy after workout speeds up the recovery time it takes for your muscles to heal any micro tears it might have sustained in the activity.

This can help prevent significant injury since you will start your next workout with recovered muscles and ligaments.

Easier and More Convenient Injury Prevention

One of the reasons that sports doctor and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Riley Williams, invented Therma1™ was to help people prevent injury.

And, he knew that more people would be more likely to do a proper warm up or cool down if he made it easier and more convenient to use the 4 proven treatments of heat, cold, compression, and massage.

Because, until now, using all 4 treatments has often been inconvenient or messy especially because it has often involved frozen Dixie cups of ice, microwaved wet towels, and more.

So, Dr. Williams worked with top orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers and physical therapists, to create Therma1™’s sturdy frame, ergonomic handle, and unique contoured rollers that can be heated in a microwave (Hot Roller) or cooled in a freezer (Cold Roller).

Therma1™ is designed to deliver cold or heat along with deep, penetrating compression and massage. A true 4-in-one.

Convenient and easy-to-use, Therma1™ is very effective at helping you prevent injuries.

Therma1™ helps you warm up properly, improves muscle elasticity, and helps the muscle recover after exercise.

And, if you do get injured, here’s how Therma1™ will help you recover faster.



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