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basketball_Tim_Walsh-sm Tim Walsh ATC - Head Athletic Trainer, Professional Basketball

“Pro basketball players get lots of injuries. Therma1™ works great and gets them back in the game faster.”


Peggy-Brill Peggy Brill – PT, OCS, Physical Therapist

“Foot strains and injuries can be debilitating. I’m happy to say that Therma1 has helped my physical therapy patients, including some of Broadway’s top dancers.”

Barbara-Grufferman Barbara Grufferman - AARP Columnist

“I occasionally experience pain in my leg from ITB–a common complaint among    runners–and the best treatment is icing and massage. I was thrilled to find a perfectly designed product that combines both! Being a writer, I also have discomfort in my lower back from sitting at the computer, and used the Therma1™ with the hot roller, massaging my lower back with the perfect amount of heat. I shared it with my daughters and husband, and we all agreed that this is a truly unique product that every family should own.”

Kevin-Wilk Kevin Wilk - PT, DPT, FAPTA, Pro Athlete Physical Therapist

“I’ve used a cold and heated Therma1™ on my patients & athletes and the experience has been outstanding.  Patients love it! It combines soft tissue massage with heat or cold…It’s really awesome.”

bryan-kelly-sm Bryan Kelly, MD - Orthopedic Surgeon and Professional Football Team Doctor

“Many pro athletes like deep massage before practice and games but this can tire out a trainer’s hands, making the treatment less effective.  The Therma1™ gives trainers and therapists a new, hand-sparing tool that makes deep massage EASY.”

Dr_Eric_Carson-sm Eric CarsonMD - Orthopedic Surgeon & Division 1 College Team Physician

“It’s been well established that ice, heat, compression, and massage help heal muscles and joints.  Therma1′s got it all.”

Marty_OMalley Martin O’MalleyMD - Orthopedic Surgeon / Foot & Ankle Specialist

“We’ve been waiting to offer a product like this to patients who have joint or muscle pain but don’t need surgery. Cold therapy is the most effective treatment for inflammation and the easier the icing method is to apply, the more likely the patient will use it.”

Patton_Scottie_sm1 Scottie Patton - NFL Head Athletic Trainer

“Therma1™ is a welcome innovation. The fact that the inventors worked with athletic trainers, therapists, and athletes to design the product tells me they know what they’re doing.”

jones_deryk_69x88 Deryk Jones MD - Orthopedic Surgeon and NFL team physician

“I treat a wide range of patients in my practice: the teenage soccer star, the fitness center cyclist, the pro football player, the weekend triathlete, and the armchair quarterback. Fortunately for me, the Therma1™ has something for everyone.”

Jeremy Williams Jeremy Williams - Emergency Room Physician

“It’s easy to manage, versatile, an extraordinary addition to my ER practice. It’s easy to hold, easy to manage, even my grandmother can use it. My patients continue to ask for a repeat rolling.”


Our Guarantee

If for any reason you're not happy with your Therma1™ within 30 days of purchase, we'll give you your money back.

Therma1™ Benefits

Recover faster. Prevent Injuries. Achieve Peak Performance. Here’s how Therma1™ helps you.

How to Use Therma1™

Here’s all you need to know about how to use Therma1™ products plus tips on treatments.

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