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THERMA1™ Story

Therma1™ Story The Therma1™ story begins with a frustrated injured athlete and a doctor who listened. It has a happy ending.
Dr. Riley Williams is a world-class orthopedic surgeon and a team doctor in professional sports.His long-time friend, Roy, is an aging runner and former Princeton University Track & Field athlete obsessed about fitness.

Roy exercises nearly every day and hates missing workouts. With his advancing age, Roy has suffered various forms of Boomeritis, including chronic and painful runner’s knee.

For years, whenever his knee bothered him, Roy got the same advice from his old buddy Riley.

“Roy, if you want to fix your knee, take a Dixie cup, fill it with water, put it in your freezer, let it freeze, take it out, and roll it on your knee; ten minutes after running, ten minutes after work during dinner or TV, and ten minutes before bed.”

In the past, Roy simply grunted “uh huh,” but he never followed Riley’s Dixie cup advice.

That’s because the cup always tipped over and spilled in the freezer. It dripped everywhere when he was rolling. And, it was cold on his hands as well. This time, impatient and frustrated, Roy decided to respond.

“Doc, who does that… that Dixie cup thing?  I’m never going to do it.  Don’t you sports docs have something that’s easier to do than that Dixie cup thing?”

The Light Bulb Moment

That’s when the light bulb went on. Riley heard Roy’s frustration and decided to do something about it.

He knew lots of patients and athletes just like Roy – suffering from injuries and conditions that need easy, convenient, effective treatment but not surgery.   Based on years of medical practice, Riley knew that if treatment isn’t easy and convenient, many patients just don’t do it – which means slow recovery and possible further injury.

That’s when Dr. Riley Williams decided to come up with a solution for his friend Roy and the millions of other athletes and patients with chronic joint and muscle injuries.

A year and a half later, Dr. Williams was sitting in the world headquarters of a leading orthopedic and sports medicine products company.  He handed a uniquely designed prototype of a therapeutic roller device to the company’s Chief Medical Officer. Nervously, Riley asked for his opinion.

“You know what I think?” said the Chief Medical Officer.  “I think every therapist, trainer, orthopedic surgeon, and sports medicine doctor who sees this thing is going to say, ‘why didn’t I think of that.’”

Encouraged by that initial response, Dr. Williams started collaborating with athletic trainers, athletes, physical therapists, and other sports medicine doctors, dedicating another two years of research and development to develop the ultimate physical recovery product. They tested it on pro athletes and weekend warriors, constantly refining the product that was now called Therma1™.

Riley got rid of the mess of dripping ice and wet towels by creating a roller that doesn’t spill.  He added heat capability to help athletes prevent injuries by warming their muscles before activity (Dixie cups don’t come in a heated model).  It was designed so that the roller could be frozen or microwaved for easy re-use.

And, because trainers, athletes, and therapists worried they might not always have access to a freezer or microwave, he developed Instant packs that activated in a few seconds, delivering immediate hot and cold therapy with no freezer or microwave required for when they are on the field, court or traveling.

To eliminate the problem of cold (or hot) wet, messy hands he tweaked the design to create the perfect ergonomic handle that can be easily used by patients and athletes on themselves or by athletic trainers and therapists on their patients and athletes.

Finally, after years of research, development, and collaboration with orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and athletes, Therma1™ was born.

Which makes Roy very happy.

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